Doing Good!

We believe in ecological, economical and social sustainability.

We care about the environment, therefore we only use organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar in our chocolate. The inner packaging is made of biodegradable biofilm and the outer packaging is made of FSC-certified wood pulp.

We also care about the people we work with. We ensure that the growers are paid well - high prices for good farming practices and the best quality cacao - we pay more than the commodity market price. Well paid growers take pride in their work, are incentivised to keep the quality high for future harvests, and are able to develop their local community for future generations.

The Craft

Small batch craft chocolate. Handmade from bean to bar.

We begin by hand-sorting every bean, getting rid of any defect beans which could otherwise effect the flavor negatively. The beans are then roasted in small batches on low temperature, which helps develop flavor and loosen the husk from the nib. Next step is to crack the husk of the beans and separate it from the nib.

The nibs are slowly grinded under a granite stone wheel for several days together with the cane sugar. This further helps develop flavor and a silky smooth texture. Then we temper the chocolate to give it a shiny gloss and a nice clean snap when you break a piece of it. The finished chocolate is poured into moulds, cooled, set, and then wrapped. Now the chocolate is ready to be shipped!

The Chocolate

The taste of the chocolate tells a story of its origin and the people behind it.

Our philosophy is to use as few ingredients as possible - only cacao beans and cane sugar - simply because we believe in making chocolate that is as true to its origin as possible. The variety, growth environment and post-harvest process each plays an important role in developing the unique taste profile of each origin. Therefore, we always look for growers that shares our passion for fine cacao and take pride in their work.

We buy cacao beans of high quality, so we wish to preserve every origins individual taste profile as much as possible when making the chocolate. Therefore, we slow-roast at low temperature to develop each origin in its own unique way. A good roast will develop the complexity of flavors while keeping it in balance, giving a long and clean aftertaste.

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